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This beautiful mounted print available in A5 or A4 is signed by the artist.  Total size of A5 print including the mount  - 10" x 12".  Total size of A4 print including mount - 12" x 16".   Presented in a bevelled off-while mount and protected by a clear plastic cover.  Perfect for gifting and/or for framing.



In the last few years, I have learned to embrace Winter. I used to dread it so much every year and could only focus on the short days and long nights and the seemingly neverending rain and wind. But as I have learned with all things in life, we can focus on the negative or the positive, so I have embraced all the positive about Winter. But my favourite thing by far and the most precious thing about Winter is the light. The light in Ireland in Winter is just beautiful. And because we have it for a shorter time during the day, I tend to treasure it all the more. The colours are warmer, with browns and golds embracing us all around, in the fields, on the shoreline, even the water. I swim throughout the Winter whenever I can, and there is nothing nicer than after a bracing cold dip, coming into my warm cozy little van, putting on the kettle and enjoying a hot cuppa with friends. This little collection of paintings is like a warm hug on a Winter's evening as well as a celebration of Winter Light.

"Wintering"(Mounted Print)

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